Diamond Ecstasy iPhone 6 Could Cost You RM12,670,000

by Terry Bass · 2 weeks ago · 4 Comments · 976 views


Goldgenie has done it again with its latest customisation for the iPhone 6. It comes with a hefty price tag of $3.5 Million (about RM12.6 Million). Of course, this iPhone is exactly the same iPhone 6 that everyone is holding in their hands but what makes it different is the fact that it is covered in solid gold and covered in diamonds.

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Targus Unveils New Line of Accessories for Apple Devices

by Terry Bass · 3 weeks ago · No Comments · 1.2k views

Targus Collage~1

Targus has just announced a series of products for the latest line of Apple devices including the MacBook series, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. Targus has redesigned its cases to offer users protection and comfort for their Apple devices. Targus has also released the pricing and availability status of their new range of Apple accessories – the Groove X collection, iPhone 6 Plus cases and iPad Air 2 cases.

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Swatch Will Release a Smartwatch to Rival The Apple Watch

by Terry Bass · 3 weeks ago · No Comments · 1.6k views

Swatch_watches (1)

Swiss watch maker, Swatch has announced that it will release a smartwatch within the next three months and it will likely be a direct competitor to the Apple Watch. The wearable is said to be compatible with Windows and Android (iOS was suspiciously missing), and also not require charging.

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The Heart 401AB Maybe The Weirdest Phone You’ll See in 2015

by Terry Bass · 1 month ago · 2 Comments · 2.5k views


This will definitely be one of the strangest phones you’ll see this year. Introducing the Heart 401AB, a heart-shaped phone that can make calls and only calls. It doesn’t have a camera, or even SMS functionality. This oddly-shaped phone maybe quirky but there’s actually more to it.

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Norton Working on a Pair of Jeans to Keep your Pockets Safe from Digital Pickpockets

by Huei Song · 2 months ago · 4 Comments · 601 views

RFID Blocking Jeans by Norton

It looks like Norton isn’t content with just keeping you safe when you’re on the computer and when you’re connected to the internet, the security company wants to keep your pockets safe too. Norton is working with Betabrand, a San Francisco-based company, to make a pair of jeans and blazer that can prevent thieves from stealing your identity right out of your pockets.

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Beats Solo2 Now Available In Malaysia

by Nicklaus Law · 3 months ago · No Comments · 2k views

beats 1

Beats Solo2 by Dr. DRE have finally made their way onto Malaysian shores and can be purchased from their online store or from retailers. The headphones will come in a few colours namely, red, blue, pink, grey, white, and black.

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Intel Unveils the MICA, Wearable for Women

by Andrew Cheng · 3 months ago · 1 Comment · 617 views


Everybody wants a slice of the wearable market, and Intel enters the market with the introduction of the MICA, or “My Intelligent Communication Accessory”. Designed by Opening Ceremony and is meant to work without a smartphone and Intel aims to sell the MICA to “fashion-forward” women with its appeal as a fashion accessory.

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Nike Officially Reveals The New Harimau Malaya Jerseys For 2014

by Chief Chapree · 4 months ago · No Comments · 4.8k views

2014 Nike Malaysia National Football Jersey Launch 01

Just in time for the upcoming final rounds of AFF Suzuki Cup 2014 that will take place later this month, Nike Malaysia today has unveiled the latest kit for our national football team. In terms of colorways, the new home and away jersey for Harimau Malaya still remain the same as their predecessors that were released in 2012 but of course, there are still quite a number of differences.

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Norwegian Design Company Drap og Design Has Come Up With A Jacket That Changes Colour Based On Your Surroundings

by Nicklaus Law · 5 months ago · No Comments · 878 views

Jacket 1

Imagine being able to don a jacket that is able to change its colours based on the world around you, akin to that of a chameleon and its ability to change the colour of its skin. It looks as if Norwegian design company Drap og Design has finally brought that idea to life.

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Casio To Announce Its Official Presence In Malaysia This November

by Chief Chapree · 6 months ago · No Comments · 2.3k views

Casio at CES 2014

We are pretty sure that many of you here might have owned or had an encounter with Casio products at least once regardless of your age. From wrist watches to calculators to cameras to musical instruments, Casio products can be found everywhere since decades ago.

Despite that, Casio actually never had any official presence in Malaysia and depended on distributors such as Marco Corporation who is the exclusive distributor for Casio timepieces since 1972 to spread Casio products in Malaysia. That changes this year though…and the company really wants you to know that Casio is now officially in Malaysia. For real.

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Twitter Is Testing “Buy” Button: Allowing Users To Make Direct In-Tweet Purchases

by Chief Chapree · 6 months ago · No Comments · 136 views

Twitter Buy Button

Ever wish you can directly purchase products that are being tweeted by your favourite brands or artists? Well, your wish has now come true as Twitter has announced that it is now testing an integrated commerce system right within the popular social media network.

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Sick Of Repetitive Colourways? Print Your Own Pictures On Your Shoes With Adidas

by Lucas Lau · 9 months ago · No Comments · 343 views


Bespoke sneakers have always had that allure knowing that you are the only person in the world with that particular pair of sneakers. Nike have been doing it for a very long time with the Nike ID service and if you are lucky enough, the Nike Bespoke from 21 Mercer. None of these services however allow you to do what Adidas is doing with their ZX Flux series starting at the end of the year – Print your very own photos right on your shoe.

With the adidas Photo Print App for the ZX Flux, you can snap a picture with your phone and get them printed on the upper of the ZX Flux. In a teaser by Adidas Originals, they put the date as August 2014. This could be a very good thing or a complete disaster waiting to happen. No word on price or availability outside of the US just yet, but as with most other customisable shoes, don’t hold your breath.

(Source: Nice Kicks)

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