Alpine To Bring Apple’s CarPlay To Just About Any Car This Fall

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Apple CarPlay Offiial

We wrote about Apple’s Carplay about a month ago and were pretty impressed with how it looked. The only downside to the whole thing was the fact that it would only be coming in newer cars and not backward compatible with our existing cars. So while buying a new car just for the upgrade would have been the answer, it was also ridiculous.

Thankfully, Alpine electronics has come up with a way to bring CarPlay to just about any car this fall. The system would be installed as any 2-DIN player would be now and would use a wired connection rather than Bluetooth to connect to Apple’s iOS devices. This will also be the first aftermarket solution that is compatible with CarPlay. It will be rumoured to cost around US$500 – 700 and be available in the US and Europe this fall. Let’s hope that means Asia will get that not long after!

(Source: BGR)

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Mercedes Wants To Bring CarPlay To Older Vehicles This Year

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After the big reveal a couple of days ago, the biggest question on car-owners minds was of course “Can I get CarPlay for my car?”. Unfortunately there are no official plans at the moment to make it backwards compatible or to non-partner manufacturers cars but Mercedes-Benz however have just said that they will be planning to deliver an aftermarket solution for older cars to make full use of the Apple CarPlay by the end of the year. So far it’s just Mercedes but I won’t be surprised if other partners like Ford outline their plans soon.

Unfortunately for me, no Kia supported =(

I wonder how long it will take for 3rd party manufacturers to come up with a solution

(Source: 9 to 5 Mac)

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Volvo Shows off how CarPlay Would Work with its Coming Generation Volvo Cars

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Volvo CarPlay

So Apple finally revealed “iOS in the Car” aka CarPlay yesterday evening at the on-going Geneva Auto Show, the Cupertino company explained how using an iPhone into a CarPlay-compatible vehicle will make using an iPhone in the car much simpler, safer and more intuitive, so how exactly would it work? Volvo recently shared a video showing off the new Apple in-car infotainment system that will be coming to its 2014 vehicles.

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Apple Officially Announces CarPlay, a Safe and Smart way to use iPhone in the Car

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Apple CarPlay Offiial

Can’t wait to see what iOS in the Car is all about? Well, no problem, at the on-going Geneva Auto Show this week, Apple has just announced CarPlay, a new in-car interface that offers a “smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone in the car”. According to Apple, CarPlay will make it more intuitive to use your iPhone in the car, making it a lot easier to make calls, use Maps, listen to music and even access your messages with just a word or a touch.

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Koenigsegg Razer Blade Gaming Laptop: When Sports Car and Gaming Peripherals Makers Collide

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Koenigsegg Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

One is known for its family of blazingly fast hyper-cars while the other is known for its line-up of gaming peripherals and both apparently share the same love for perfection in design as well as engineering. Hence, it is not surprising that they have an affinity for each other and have since decided to embark on a long-term partnership. Who are these two companies, you asked?

Well, they are Koenigsegg and Razer. To signify this new partnership, they have decided to come out with a special edition Koenigsegg Razer Blade Gaming Laptop which will made its debut at Geneva Motor Show 2014 next month.

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Ford Drops Microsoft Sync In Favour Of The QNX Car Platform For Future Cars

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The heart of Ford’s in-car entertainment system has been the Microsoft Sync system for the longest time but it looks like Ford is moving on to greener pastures, ditching Microsoft for the BlackBerry QNX Platform. It’s no secret that Ford has had issues in the past with the MyFord and Sync system so this move comes as no surprise.

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Book A Cab With MyTeksi After 10PM And Save RM7

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I’m a huge fan of the taxi booking app MyTeksi and believe that it has taken an antiquated industry and really brought it into the 21st century. MyTeksi has come leaps and bounds since its debut and in their latest campaign “Afraid Of The Dark” they are looking to educate the general public about improved safety after dark. To encourage the general public to take more public transport, MyTeksi is offering a RM7 discount for when you book a Taxi after 10PM and before 5am.

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LEGO Announces Ghostbusters ECTO-1 As The Next Lego CUUSOO Set

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LEGO Ghostbusters ECTO-1

After producing several amazing fan-submitted LEGO CUUSOO project such as Minecraft, Back To The Future’s Delorean Time Machine (which is part of our Best of 2013 list), and Curiosity Mars Rover, LEGO has chosen yet another excellent subject to be mass produced very soon. This time, it will the legendary Ghostbusters ECTO-1!

Submitted by a 3D artist from Australia named Brent Waller, it is chosen due to its broad appeal among kids and adults alike throughout the world. The timing couldn’t be better as well, as this year marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic movie. To make things even sweeter, the LEGO Ghostbusters ECTO-1 will come together with LEGO mini figurines.

Since the LEGO Ghostbusters ECTO-1 set is still in the final design stage, the actual release date and pricing will only be announced at a later date.

[Source: LEGO

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Balik Kampung Safely this Chinese New Year with Carama by Castrol

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner and for those of you who will be traveling hundreds of kilometers to go back to your hometown this holiday season, it’s time to give your car(s) a service to prepare for the long journey ahead. Carama by Castrol, Malaysia’s first trusted online car care service, is now offering free brake inspection, service voucher and more when you book a vehicle service via the portal.

Up until 25 January 2014, you better hurry up, all you need to do is book your car service online via, and you can enjoy the following:

  • Free brake inspection
  • Free brake fluid top-up
  • Free tyre service voucher worth RM50 (only valid for next Carama booking)
  • Free RM20 Carama Dollars for the first service/repair
  • Save an extra RM10 when you use the promo code TRUST2013 at time of booking

Visit Carama now to make your booking and #Balikkampung safely with Carama.

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Luxury Limo Service Uber Debuts In KL And Wants To Be Everyone’s Personal Driver

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There are those days where the last thing we want to do is drive, with the jams and the rain and whatnot, KL is not exactly the most automobile friendly cities in the world. Introducing UBER, a limousine service that made its name in the US and cities like Singapore and Tokyo. UBER aims to set itself up as a premiere limousine service, working with existing limo companies that provide chauffeur services to some of the top hotels and executives and wants to be “Everyone’s Private Driver”. With a fleet of Toyota Camry’s, Honda Accord’s and even Mercedes E Class and BMW 7 Series, UBER says they are not a Taxi app, rather a lead generation app that connects users to existing limo companies in KL.

With a base rate of RM7 + RM0.30 per minute or RM2 per KM with a RM13 minimum fare, this isn’t the cheapest of all solutions especially when a ride from KLCC to Bangsar will cost roughly RM29 and KL TO KLIA will be a flat rate of RM300. UBER’s companion app allows you to see where the drivers are in relation to your pickup point as well as the estimated arrival time, drivers name, numberplate and picture and car they are driving. At the end of the ride when your credit card is charged, you will be given a chance to rate your driver and have your driver rate you (for some strange reason of accountability).

To be absolutely frank, Uber has a steep challenge ahead, especially in KL where there are more cars on the road and in our homes than other asian cities. I see this priced a little higher than comfortable for the everyman and for the people who they are targeting, they would have their own personal drivers anyway. I suppose UBER would be a good solution to those medium length journeys where you want to bring your GF on a date but refuse to drive to KL, but since more cars are being added constantly and UBER is still new in KL, only time will tell.

Sign up via the UBER app for Android and iOS!

Let us know in the comments if you’d want to take an UBER ride!


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CES 2014: Formula E Car Debuts In Las Vegas

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Formula E

The Spark-Renault SRT_01E, the first car in the Formula E racing series, has made its public debut in Las Vegas. Capable of speeds exceeding 240kph, it is powered completely by electricity and is only one of 20 cars that will participate in the competition.

Formula E is essentially Formula 1, but uses electric cars instead of traditional V8 engines. It hopes to promote the development of electric cars for consumers and reduce consumption of fossil fuels. The Formula E racing car will use an equivalent of one gallon of fuel for a one hour race. Which is far ahead of the 1.7 kilometres per litre that regular Formula 1 cars use.

Unfortunately for racing fans, these cars will also be quieter than petroleum based engines. Replacing the roar of the pistons will be the high pitched whine of the future. It sounds like an oversized RC car charging around the track.

Formula E will begin this September; with a street race in Putrajaya scheduled for October.

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Google Announces Partnership with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to Bring Android to Automobiles

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Android in Audi

It looks like the rumors were true after all, as reported by the WSJ just last week, Google will indeed be working with car manufacturers to bring Android to automobile. Google has just officially announced its partnership with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nvidia to create the Open Automotive Alliance, a global alliance aimed at accelerating auto innovation with an approach that offers openness, customization and scale.

With Android in your car, which ultimately means with all your favorite music and apps on your car’s built-in controls and in-dash display, Google and all the other companies are of course focused on safety. In a blog post, Google mentioned that they are all working on allowing users to bring these apps to their vehicle and use them safely:

“Together with our OAA partners, we’re working to enable new forms of integration with Android devices, and adapting Android for the car to make driving safer, easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Putting Android in the car will bring drivers apps and services they already know and love, while enabling automakers to more easily deliver cutting-edge technology to their customers. And it will create new opportunities for developers to extend the variety and depth of the Android app ecosystem in new, exciting and safe ways.”

Find out more on Google or visit Open Automotive Alliance for more information.

(Source: Gizmodo, Google)

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