IKEA Unveils Wireless Charging Furniture, Makes It Easier To Use Wireless Charging

by Terry Bass · 2 days ago · 1 Comment · 1.4k views


Swedish Furniture company, IKEA has unveiled its latest line of furniture that has wireless charging built right in. The company will also be selling wireless charging accessories for the user to install it into existing furniture and smartphones, all compliant with the Qi wireless charging standard.

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Xiaomi Will Start Selling Limited Edition Black Mi Note Next Week

by Terry Bass · 2 days ago · 3 Comments · 2.4k views


Xiaomi will finally start selling the black version of the Mi Note, which will be a limited edition device that is bundled with an album from popular Chinese celebrity, Jason Zhang (张杰).

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Gibson Innovations and Philips Introduce Cinematic In-Home Audio Systems

by Terry Bass · 3 days ago · 1 Comment · 1k views


Philips also collaborated with Gibson Innovation in releasing several of the company’s surround-sound audio systems here in Malaysia, promising users a richer and more authentic cinematic experience right at home. These audio systems include audiophile-grade soundbars, surround-sound speakers, satellite speakers, and even wireless subwoofers.

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Gibson Innovations and Philips Unveil 2015 Range of Headphones

by Terry Bass · 3 days ago · 1 Comment · 762 views


Philips announced a slew of new headphones to be released here in Malaysia, including the professional DJ headphones by Armin van Buuren – the A5-PRO, and even headphones that use Lightning connectors. Gibson Innovations (previously known as WOOX Innovations) will be in charge of the distribution of Philips’ 2015 range of audio devices.

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3DR Solo Drone Takes Flight, World’s First Smart Drone

by Terry Bass · 4 days ago · No Comments · 1.5k views


3D Robotics has launched the world’s first smart drone – the 3DR Solo. The name already implies what the drone is capable of doing. Equipped with multiple tools and pre-set commands, the Solo simplifies drone videography.

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Asus Will Soon Unveil A 10-Day Battery Life Smartwatch, the VivoWatch

by Terry Bass · 5 days ago · 3 Comments · 1.3k views

Asus VivoWatch

Asus will be making an appearance at Milan Design Week (MDW) in Italy to purportedly unveil the company’s fitness-centric smartwatch, the VivoWatch (HC-A01). Interestingly, the device will reportedly be running on a version of ‘Windows for Wearables’.

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TaxiMonger and Telebiz Makes Taxi Rides More Fun with Installation of Media Tabs in Taxis

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · No Comments · 468 views

TaxiMonger My Lifestyle Media Tablet

TaxiMonger and Telebix recently announced a partnership that will make your taxi rides more fun and interactive. They have installed their “My Lifestyle Media Interactive Taxi tab” in taxis that will “revolutionise the way customers perceive a taxi ride”.

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Xiaomi Releases Two New Products – Premium Mi Band Leather Strap and Monopod Selfie Stick

by Terry Bass · 1 week ago · No Comments · 3.2k views


Xiaomi has added two new products up for sale in their already vast accessories portfolio. The first item is a premium quality leather strap for the Mi Band, while the second product is a monopod selfie stick.

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Buy a Lumia from and Enjoy a Free Flight

by Terry Bass · 2 weeks ago · 3 Comments · 1.1k views


AirAsia BIG is now giving free flights to Phuket, Krabi or Singapore to customers who purchase a Lumia 535 or Lumia 532 from The offer is only valid from 20 March 2015 to 30 April 2015.

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GoPro Survives 10,000 Feet Drop, Returned to Owner After Four Years

by Andrew Cheng · 2 weeks ago · 3 Comments · 1.7k views

It seems to be a trend nowadays for GoPro action cameras to survive against all odds. This particular GoPro survived a 10,000 feet drop after it was seemingly knocked out of the owner’s helmet while skydiving. The video above shows how falling from a dizzying height looks like, and we have to admit: we get dizzy just by looking at it.

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(Update: Price Revealed) Xiaomi Mi Headphones Coming to Malaysia on 8th April

by Andrew Cheng · 2 weeks ago · 7 Comments · 4.7k views


[Update 2] The price of the Mi Headphones have been revealed. It will retail at RM319.

[Update] The Mi Headphones will officially be available on Xiaomi’s Mi Fan Festival in Malaysia on 8th April.

Remember the Xiaomi Mi Headphones that was unveiled back in January? Xiaomi Malaysia has announced that it will be coming to our shores very soon. On top of that, the company is also offering a lucky fan the chance to receive it earlier than everyone else, provided the individual can do a professional review.

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Guys Follows His Stolen iPhone, Becomes An Overnight Celebrity and Made A Lifetime Friend

by Terry Bass · 2 weeks ago · 5 Comments · 6.7k views

Image Credit – Qingqing Chen, BuzzFeed

Matt Stopera from BuzzFeed lost his iPhone one night at a restaurant to only find it one year later – well, sort of. Nonetheless, it’s a life-changing experience which made him a celebrity in China.

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