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First Look: Alcatel One Touch Glory 2 4030, Budget-Oriented Android Jelly Bean Dual-SIM Smartphone

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We originally thought it was a typo by MCMC when the device appeared on the agency’s initial list of pre-approved devices for Youth Communication Package (which has been overruled not long after it was published) but to our surprise, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 2 is actually a real device. Also known as S’Pop in certain markets out there, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 2 is among new devices that TCL has unveiled at CES 2013 last month.

Runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the dual-SIM device is powered by a MediaTek 6575M chipset which features a single-core 1GHz Cortex-A9 CPU and a 281MHz PowerVR SGX531 GPU. Comes complete with a 3.5-inch capacitive touch display with a resolution of 320 x 480, it is also equipped with 512MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage with the support for microSD card with storage of up to 32GB. Not to forget, there is also a 3.2-megapixels main camera (no flash though) and a VGA front-facing camera on the device.

Don’t be fooled by the TCL S820 model name that is shown above – Alcatel One Touch Glory 2 looks nothing like the actual TCL S820. The device above is a prototype unit which might explained the discrepancy.

Furthermore, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 2 also comes with a removable 1400mAh battery that is able to provide up to 6.5 hours of 3G talk time and 300 hours of 3G standby time. We were informed during our brief time with the device that the Alcatel One Touch Glory 2 4030 will be priced at RM 349 once it is released into Malaysia sometime in March or April this year.

Click on the Read More link below to take a closer look at the new Alcatel One Touch Glory 2 4030.

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Audi demos self driving, self parking car

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The engineers over at Audi must have been watching reruns of popular 80’s hit series Knight Rider when they came up with this idea. A self driving, self parking car that would make car valet operators the world over cringe in fear. The first prototype A7 was unveiled at CES2013, and unlike the self driving car of Google, this bit of ingenious technology might just be heading to the consumer front very soon. Not to be mistaken with the park assist feature found in a variety of cars today, Audi’s self park feature allows the owner of the vehicle to alight, and instruct the on board computer to assume control of the vehicle, and find a parking space. If that is not impressive enough, the owner is also able to, via a smart phone app, instruct the car to return to the same point for a pick up.

The self drive feature also works during normal commutes, and is able to take control of the vehicle during traffic jams. The ‘autopilot’ system can be turned on to provide hands free driving for speeds below 60km/h. The autopilot feature is assisted by two radar sensors that is able to monitor up to 250 degress around the vehicle. Eight more ultrasonic monitors, a wide angle video camera and a laser scanner complete the monitoring system to detect objects around and infront of the car.

Audi confirms that more real world tests are being carried out in Germany for now, but expect these systems to make its way to production vehicles in the not too distant future.

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Samsung FHD 5″ Display to Arrive in Q1 2013

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Samsung sure showed off quite a whole load of things at last week’s CES 2013, people were awed by the 4K displays, the Curved OLED technology and such, but here’s one thing no one but Anandtech found – the future products by Samsung. According to the pictures taken buy Anandtech, Samsung’s first 4.99” Full HD Mobile Displays are scheduled for Q1 this year. This means that the display could very possible make its debut in the Samsung Galaxy S IV that packs a pixel density of 440ppi, that’s more than your LED 3D TV.

Anandtech also took pictures of some pretty interesting things from Samsung like more Curved OLED displays. Hit the source links for more pictures.

(Source: Sammobile, Anandtech)

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CES 2013: The Editorial Team’s Best And Worst Of 2013!

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After a couple of sleepless nights and days spent mulling over news in our makeshift “LYN CES Trailer” (which was just our meeting room), we have finally closed out another year of CES. As with all previous years, there was no shortage of amazing things to see coming out of Vegas; From next-generation mobile processors to Android powered ovens, it was one heck of a show. So in true Lowyat.NET fashion, we’ve decided to pick our hits and misses for CES 2013!

Head on over past the jump to see what the editorial team thought about this year’s CES!

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CES 2013: Lenovo Shows Some Muscles With Erazer X700 Gaming Desktop

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Lenovo is usually not the first name that one would associate with gaming but it looks like the company is attempting to make a mark in that segment. One example is the Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 and Y500 high performance laptops that were released in last September but we would say that this particular product – the new Lenovo Erazer X700 Gaming Desktop – is Lenovo’s most obvious attempt so far.

Revealed to the world at CES 2013 earlier this week alongside tons of other Lenovo products (it’s their CES tradition, really), the Lenovo X700 Gaming Desktop is powered by the latest generation Intel Core processor with the options of up to Intel Core i7 Extreme processor. It also supports up to 32GB worth of RAM as well as dual graphics cards configuration from either AMD HD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce flavours. Users can also choose to equip the PC with up to 4TB of hard drive or 256GB solid state drive.


Apart from featuring high performance hardware, the Lenovo Erazer X700 is fitted with a function that the company dubbed as Onekey Overclocking which enables users to activate the system’s overclock ability just by pressing the overclock button on the system. Additionally, the PC also comes standard with liquid cooling system right from the factory.

It is yet to be known whether Lenovo will actually release the Erazer X700 gaming desktop here in Malaysia but at CES 2013, the company announced that it will be out in US sometime in June with a price tag that starts from RM 4528 (USD 1499).

[Source: Lenovo]

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CES 2013: GoPro Is Working On App For Windows Phone 8

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Android and iOS devices have been able to enjoy this app for some time but owners of GoPro cameras will be able to use the GoPro App on their Windows Phone 8 devices very soon. The existence of the app – which is currently still in development – was confirmed via its appearance at GoPro’s booth in CES 2013.

Officially, GoPro has yet to reveal the app’s actual capability but has stated that it will be on par with its Android and iOS counterparts. That most probably means remote access to the camera’s settings as well as live preview and remote capture.

No confirmed release date so far but the company is aiming to release it sometime in February and will be made available for free once it is out in the Windows Phone Store.

[Source: Windows Phone Central]

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CES 2013: Microsoft Demos Illumiroom at Samsung’s Keynote

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Sure, all the 4K TVs that are being showcased at CES 2013 are amazing, they come in sizes of up to a whopping 85” and wish to take over your wall, but who could afford a fancy TV so huge? Microsoft demonstrated a rather interesting display technology at Samsung’s CES keynote called the Illumiroom that can show you images beyond your regular TV screen.

Using a Microsoft Kinect for Windows camera and combined with a projector, the Illumiroom works by using the Kinect to scan the geometry of the room, so no, you don’t have to move your furniture out of the way. The projector then projects imagery beyond your TV screen, giving you a truly immersive gaming experience; you know how 3D ads always boasts bullets shooting past you and dragons breathing fire out of the screen? This will provide a similar, if not better and more realistic experience.

Unfortunately though, Microsoft isn’t demonstrating the technology in the floors of CES, but if you’re intrigued to see how it works, check out the video below.

(Source: Engadget, The Verge)

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CES 2013: ST-Ericsson Unveils NovaThor L8580 chipset with 2.5GHz Quad-Core CPU

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Throughout this week at CES 2013, quite a number of manufacturers such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Samsung have unveiled several new line-ups of SoC processors which will be powering new mobile devices that might appear in the market throughout this year. The folks at ST-Ericsson are part of the movement as well, through the announcement of its new NovaThor L8580 processor.

The new NovaThor L8580 SoC processor is equipped with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU which runs at up to 2.5GHz while the graphics section is handled by a 600MHz PowerVR SGX 544 GPU. The processor also has the ability to run in low-power mode which takes only 0.6V of power while still able to deliver computational performances of up to 5000 DMIPS. Built with the support for dual LP-DDR2 memories, the processor is also equipped with dual multimedia DSP and a multi-mode LTE modem that supports up to 10 LTE/WCDMA/GSM bands.

ST-Ericsson NovaThor L8580’s block diagram.

Furthermore, the L8580 supports display with resolution of up to 1920×1200 in single display mode and 960×540 when hooked to two displays. It also supports two camera with resolution of up to 20-megapixels (primary camera) and 5-megapixels (secondary cameras). Last but not least, the L8580 is also able to support 1080p video playback.

Since its CPU is based on older Cortex-A9 architecture as opposed to the new Cortex-A15, expect NovaThor L8580 chipset to pop up in mid-range devices. The customer sampling for the new chipset is scheduled to take place sometime in the first quarter of 2013, so consumers should to be able to see products powered by it in the market soon enough.

[Source: ST-Ericsson]

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CES 2013: LG Shows off Prototype Touch-Enabled 84″ 4K Display

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Step aside 20” 4K Windows 8 tablet from Panasonic, LG is showing off its 84” 4K display at the on-going CES that is equipped with a 5-point multitouch interaction. This means that you can hook this gigantic 4K display up to your Windows 8 device, or an iPad, and you can own an 84” 4K tablet.

The demo unit at CES 2013 runs on a proprietary software built on Windows that allows it to show off its touchscreen functionality.  It has a very responsive 5-point touch interface that allows you to zoom around a virtual library, paint and draw on canvasses, pinch to zoom in on an image, and such.

Of course, this is only a prototype and I don’t think a typical consumer can ever afford such TV just so they can have an 84” iPad. LG made no announcement on any release or pricing information. Check out the source link for a video demo.

(Source: The Verge)

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Random Gadgets at CES 2013: World’s Thinnest Watch

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Why wear a bracelet and a watch when you can have a watch that looks like a bracelet? Central Standard Timing and E Ink showed off at CES 2013 the world’s thinnest watch that measures at a mere 0.8mm thin, that’s thinner than your credit card! The idea of this watch has been around for quite some time now, but thanks to receiving a funding goal of USD$200,000, the watch is now live and available for preorder at USD$129 each.

But what can a watch this thin do? Well, display the time; all the typical functionalities of a watch like setting the time must be done via an external dock that also charges up the watch. Such thin design is made possible thanks to several flexible components that are laminated onto a 0.5mm unit before getting photochemically etched into a piece of flexible stainless steel. Using an embedded Thinergy micro-energy cell, the watch can be fully charged up using only 10 minutes and can last for about a month.

(Source: Engadget)

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CES 2013: AMD Launches Radeon HD 8000 GPU Series For Notebooks and OEM Desktop Systems

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CES 2013 Outside AMD Experience Zone

As you might able to recall, AMD has recently unveiled its product roadmap for 2013 during its CES media briefing earlier this week and part of those products are the new Radeon HD 8000 series GPUs – codenamed “Solar System” for notebooks and “Southern Island” for desktop.

For notebooks, the GPU is available in 11 different models that are divided into four HD Radeon 8000M families: the 8800M, 8700M, 8600M and 8500M. The launch also marked the arrival of AMD’s Graphic Core Next (GCN) architecture into the notebook space through the new GPU series.

The AMD Radeon HD 8000M GPUs are equipped with up to 640 stream processors as well as processor’s clock speed of up to 800MHz (900MHz in boost mode) together with up to 1.125GHz memory clock speed and computational power of  992GFLOPS (single precision). Essentially, the Radeon 8800M GPU series seems to be based on the previously released 7800M series – codenamed “Cape Verde”- while the rest of the new 8000M family are based on a new core codenamed “Oland”.

On the desktop side of the business, the AMD Radeon 8000 GPU products are only available on OEM desktop systems for the time being. Most of the Radeon 8000 GPUs for OEM desktop are actually rebranded GPUs that originated from as far as Radeon HD 5000 series, as pointed out by AnandTech.

That doesn’t mean they are shabby though as the Radeon 8000 GPU for OEM desktop systems are equipped with up to 2,048 stream processors with clock speed of up to 1GHz (1.05 GHz in boost mode) as well as up to 1.5GHz memory clock speed and computational power of 4.3TFLOPS (single precision).

CES 2013 AMD Experience Zone

The AMD Radeon 8000M GPUs are already shipping in several laptops by Asus and Samsung with more OEMs to follow up soon. As for their OEM desktop counterparts, they will be available on OEM desktop systems starting from late January 2013 onwards. To learn more, head on to the official website of the AMD Radeon 8000M series for notebooks and Radeon 8000 series for OEM desktops.

[Source: AMD and AnandTech (1) (2). Images: AMD’s CES 2013 press conference webcast and Flickr]

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CES 2013: Hello Kitty…Because No CES is Complete Without Some Pink Invasion

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Every year in CES, Hello Kitty must make an appearance to spice up the geeky floors of an electronic show with some pink action, and this year isn’t any different. While the pink cat may display some things that we’ve seen before last year, they do have some new kitty-branded appliances and accessories like dust-proof plugs for your 3.5mm audio jack, toasters, Bluetooth speakers and such. No innovative new technologies and such, just hit the break for some pink galore or visit our source links for even more.

(Source: Engadget)

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