How To: Change The Back Cover Of The Xiaomi Mi Note

by Terry Bass · 3 weeks ago · 4 Comments · 3k views


It’s a painful truth that smartphone users drop their phones quite regularly. According to a recent Otterbox research, 68% of Malaysian smartphone users would rather live with a cracked screen than spend money fixing it. Owning a smartphone with a glass back cover requires requires twice the amount of care and maintenance, but what happens when the unspeakable happens?

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Steam Adds A New Perma-Delete Feature

by Khalis Onn · 2 months ago · 2 Comments · 0 views


Steam games usually remain in the library forever, even after uninstalling them from one’s machine. Although this is not a big deal, there are a few Steam users that complain about their cluttered library. A NeoGAF forum user, “Enter The Dragon Punch” came across a new perma-delete feature that was recently introduced by Valve while browsing the Steam Support page. 

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How To: Check if Your Children’s Photos Are on the Internet

by Huei Song · 8 months ago · No Comments · 0 views

Dangers of internetImage credit: Digital Parenting

The internet is a wonderful place that keeps you connected and helps you find things easier. However, sometimes not everyone are searching for cute cat photos – the internet can be one of the nastiest places ever. Yesterday, pictures of the child of a local comedian, Harith Iskander, were found around various websites including those containing pornographic images.

It isn’t easy to understand how one of Malaysia’s favourite comedians must be feeling right now, but we’re sure all parents can emphatise. Sadly, the internet is also home to some seriously creepy people, and we can do our part to make sure incidents like this does not happen. So how do you check if you or your children’s pictures have been used on the internet?

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How To: Not Get A Bill Shock From Data Roaming While Abroad

by Pang Tun Yau · 8 months ago · 2 Comments · 0 views


It shouldn’t happen, and yet news of consumers racking up eye-wateringly high bills due to data roaming charges keep cropping up. With the world becoming ever smaller and ever so connected, it is becoming increasingly important and unavoidable to stay connected – even when you’re in other countries for work (or for holiday, for that matter). Want to make sure how to not experience a five-figure sum in your next telco bill? Better yet, want to know how you can even minimise the costs of data roaming? Read on!

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How To: Make the Most Out of the Google Chromecast

by Pang Tun Yau · 9 months ago · 10 Comments · 0 views

Google Chromecast

It’s been around for over a year now, but the Google Chromecast is finally officially available in Malaysia, via Maxis. At RM170 (or RM150, if you’re a OnePlan subscriber), this little product promises to transform any TV with a HDMI port into a Smart TV, changing the way we spend time in the living room. Most of you may already own one, but here are some steps you can take to make the most out of the Chromecast!

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How-To: Fix A Disabled iPhone or iPod

by Terry Bass · 10 months ago · 1 Comment · 0 views


When a user’s iPhone or iPod passcode has been entered incorrectly, the device will show a message saying “iPhone is Disabled”, prompting the user to try unlocking the device after a few minutes. Occasionally, some users would even receive a message asking them to try again in 23 million minutes – of course, that would actually translate to 44 years. Here’s what to do if you can’t wait that long:

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How To Avoid Being Annoyed By Pirate Kings, And Other FB Game, Requests

by Farhan · 1 year ago · 2 Comments · 0 views


If Facebook news feeds are anything to be believed, Pirate Kings is the new Candy Crush. Mostly due to the number of inane requests that are sent out to unsuspecting friends. Instead of ranting on about how many people will be unfriended if they continue with such requests, here is how one can turn off notifications from Pirate King forever.

Note: This also works for other Facebooks apps that become annoying.

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Beginners Guide To Shooting RAW: Part 2 – What Do I Use To Process RAW?

by Lucas Lau · 2 years ago · No Comments · 0 views


The last article saw us explaining exactly WHAT the RAW file format is and WHY you should be using it; This week, we look at what programs you can be using to start processing your RAW files. As we mentioned in the last article, RAW is like a digital negative and requires some processing to make it ready for sharing or printing. Unfortunately if you’re shooting RAW, you’ll need to add 1 extra step to your workflow, but the good news is there are a few options integrated with popular software that you will be using anyway.

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Where, When and How To Watch 2014 FIFA World Cup Matches In Malaysia

by Chief Chapree · 2 years ago · 10 Comments · 0 views

FIFA World Cup

In just a few hours’ time, the greatest show on earth will be back once again. Yup, the FIFA World Cup 2014 is finally here and will be conquering the lives of many football fans out there for the next month.

It will all start with the kick-off of the tournament’s first match between the home team Brazil and Croatia at 4:00am Malaysian time, 13 June. Hence, we have come out with a quick guide for the tournament that covers from match schedules to TV channels as well as how to easily spot food joints that actually screen live World Cup matches.

So, jump in!

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So You Want To Play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Here’s A Beginners Primer!

by Farhan · 2 years ago · 1 Comment · 0 views


Hearthstone has just arrived on the iPad, making it an excellent time to start playing the game. For the uninitiated, Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game (CCG) played entirely online. Like every other CCG, it involves building decks from randomly obtained cards. Those familiar with Magic: the Gathering will have an idea of how this works; for everyone else, here is a primer on getting your feet into Blizzards version of the CCG.

The game mechanics of Hearthstone are simple and straightforward. While the tutorial explains how to play in great detail, it won’t take long for anyone to pick up how things work. Essentially, you have a pool of mana that increases by one every turn. You spend that mana to cast spells, summon creatures, and activate your hero’s special ability.

Aside from the basics of the game, there are some other things you can do to make the whole experience a little more enjoyable.

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Lowyat.TV: How To Install Android Apps Into Nokia X

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The interface might looked different from your usual Android devices but make no mistake: Nokia X is indeed an Android device although the OS is based on Android Open Source Project codes and doesn’t have the native access to Google services. Hence, users are able to install Android apps into the device rather easily.

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How to Request Refund for an Accidental App or In-App Purchase

by Huei Song · 2 years ago · 3 Comments · 0 views

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.27.55 PM

So, we’ve shared with you how to restrict and even disable app and in-app purchases, but what if your child has already bought the app or in-app item? That’s not the end of the line for your hard-earned cash though, as both Apple and Google makes it pretty easy for you to get your refund. That is, of course, if your request is genuine and that you have not already spent the in-app goods.

Actually, you can obtain a refund for more reasons than just your child accidentally purchasing an app. If you are unsatisfied with the app that you’ve just paid good money for, your respective app store should be willing to refund your money to you.

Hit the break to find out how you can request for a refund from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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