Whither Thou, Great Apple Designs of Old?

by Pang Tun Yau · 5 days ago · 50 Comments · 10k views

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Oh dear. What’s gotten to Apple? The company that prides itself in making the best-designed products has just unveiled three new devices with designs that are decidedly unexciting. Surely I can’t be the only one who feels this way?

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iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Know So Far

by Huei Song · 1 week ago · 3 Comments · 5.1k views

iPhone 6 Retail Box 2

Only about 30 over hours more to go before Apple’s big event (10 September 2014 at 1am to be precise), the Cupertino company is expected to announce its next generation iPhones that are bigger and better than before, but what exactly will they pack in the iPhone 6? Here’s everything we know so far.

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[Update] The Complete List of Postpaid Voice Plans in Malaysia and What they Offer – Celcom, Maxis, DiGi and U Mobile

by Huei Song · 4 weeks ago · 32 Comments · 39.6k views

Postpaid Telcos in Malaysia

[Update 21/8/2014]: Since that quite a lot has changed over the past few months since posting this article, here’s an update to reflect all those changes. Maxis has removed most of its older postpaid plans and replaced them with an all new MaxisONE Plans that gives “limitless” calls and SMS from as low as RM78 a month. Celcom also renamed its data plans to the Celcom First One for those who complained about how the MaxisONE plans have too little data. Finally, DiGi added new iDiGi plans that are streamlined with its existing Smart Plan postpaid plans.

Just a little reminder, none of these plans is tied to any contract. Contract only applies for phone bundles, or when the telco gives you an extra discount for signing up for a contract. Otherwise, you will be free to change your plans anytime you want.

Hit the break to check out the changes.

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Review: Vertical Drop Heroes HD

by Farhan · 4 weeks ago · No Comments · 1.3k views


Vertical Drop Heroes HD (VDH) is a remake of a flash game with the same name. Originally appearing on Kongregate about a year ago, it turned the traditional side scrolling platformer genre on its side. Instead of running left to right across a screen, players travelled each level from top to bottom. When developer Nerdook decided to move the game to Steam, he abandoned the original flash and upgraded to Gamemaker Studio. Which has produced a game that is similar, and yet very different from the initial incarnation.

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Highlights From The PlayStation Gamescom 2014 Press Conference

by Farhan · 1 month ago · No Comments · 1.4k views


PlayStation held its Gamescom 2014 Press Conference last night. There were few surprises, although the company did manage to spring something new on gamers by releasing a mystery “interactive teaser” and letting everyone figure out what it is on their own. Some details about Far Cry 4 and the new Metal Gear Solid game also appeared alongside news that more than a few indie games would be making the move to the PlayStation platform.

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Budget Android Battle: Huawei Honor 3C vs Xiaomi Redmi Note vs Xiaomi Redmi 1S vs Asus Zenfone 5

by Pang Tun Yau · 1 month ago · 21 Comments · 28.2k views

Not everyone can afford to get the latest flagship smartphones. Fortunately, this year we’ve seen a trend where the battle between the smartphone companies isn’t just focused on the flagship models, but also on the lower end of the scale. These phones offer exceptional value for money, packing a combination of hardware and software that is really hard to disagree with.

With that in mind, we thought, which is the best budget Android smartphone you can buy? We take a look at four candidates: the Huawei Honor 3C, ASUS ZenFone 5 and the Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Redmi Note.

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App of the Week: Keep Fishin by WerakuGames

by Huei Song · 1 month ago · No Comments · 1k views

Keep Fishin Get Rich by Fishing

It’s been a while since our App of the Week posts so to kick things off again, here’s an app to keep you entertained – Keep Fishin by WerakuGames. Remember the Kangkung Crush Fiasco we talked about earlier this year? Keep Fishin is made by the same developer and also packs a lot of simple fun.

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Did Xiaomi Really Install Spyware on the Redmi Note?

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 16 Comments · 20.6k views


What a week it has been for Xiaomi. Last Tuesday, the company announced its highly-anticipated flagship smartphone, the Mi 4. Around the same time, a Hong Kong-based forum had a moderator who published what appears to be damning evidence that one of Xiaomi’s devices was discreetly pinging a server located in China. There were also apparent evidence that suggests the device was even uploading user data such as messages and pictures onto the server, even when Mi Cloud was disabled.

Could it be that Xiaomi installs spyware on its smartphones? Could it be that the MIUI software also contain spyware?

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The Complete List of “Free” Phones Offered by Major Malaysian Telcos

by Huei Song · 2 months ago · 3 Comments · 7.7k views

Free Phones in Malaysia from Telcos

So, you’re not a fan of the latest and greatest smartphones in the market. For you, a simple smartphone to keep you connected with your family and friends is more than enough, and would rather not cut a huge hole in your pocket just to own one. Here is a list of all the phones you can get for “free” from local telcos – Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile and DiGi.

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Magic: The Casual Gathering – Playing MtG Without Being Competitive

by Farhan · 2 months ago · 1 Comment · 855 views

M15 Start Menu4

Having played in the Magic 2015 pre-release to mark my return to the game, I decided to start looking for alternative ways of playing the game. Particularly ways that are less competitive or formats that are not found in Duels of the Planeswalkers. Magic the Gathering is full of alternative formats, completely due to the sheer number of people who get bored playing standard competitive Magic and want something new.

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[Update: More Samples] How is the Camera on the Xiaomi Mi 4?

by Pang Tun Yau · 2 months ago · 3 Comments · 11.9k views


Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone, the Mi 4, is interestingly packed with a camera sensor that is used by two other Chinese flagship smartphones. The second-gen IMX 214 stacked CMOS sensor from Sony made its appearance first on the OnePlus One as well as the Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a. It is indeed odd for three flagship smartphones to feature a similar camera sensor, but each smartphone has its own software tweaks to separate it from the rest.

At Xiaomi’s experience zone for the Mi 4, we managed to capture some sample shots to have an initial assessment on how the camera performs.

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[Update: Mi 4 vs. Mi 3] Spec Sheet: Is the Xiaomi Mi 4 the True 2014 Flagship Smartphone Killer?

by Huei Song · 2 months ago · 12 Comments · 23.4k views


Update: We included a comparison of the Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 3 so hit the break to check it out.

How many of you are impressed with the Xiaomi announcements earlier today? Its flagship smartphone, the Mi 4, features some of the latest and most powerful hardware under its 5” hood and what makes it even more attractive is that it comes with a pretty affordable price tag – starting from approximately RM1,099.

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