From The Lens Of The Lenovo Vibe Shot

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Over the years, smartphone manufacturers have tried combining the phone and camera into one device without making it look like a bulky point and shoot camera. Most of these smartphones end up having a protruding camera on the back. Let’s be honest, most of them look quite ugly.

Lenovo’s Vibe Shot, however, is an interesting take on the smartphone camera. Featuring a back design that’s reminiscent of a pocket camera, it’s also the only “camera-centric” smartphone that doesn’t feature a camera hump.

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Learn Chemistry the Fun Way with ChemCaper

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I am horrible at chemistry, so when I was approached by ACE EdVenture Studio about a mobile game called ChemCaper, I was more than intrigued. In essence, ChemCaper is an indie RPG game that aims to teach chemistry the fun way. With renowned composer Norihiko Hibino – which provided music for AAA video games such as the Metal Gear Solid series – on board, ChemCaper is a very interesting indie game, and I had the opportunity to spend some time with it.

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Shoot Out: U Mobile Hero Plus vs MaxisONE Share Supplementary Plans

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Currently, there are only two telcos in Malaysia that offer supplementary lines that share data: Maxis and U Mobile via MaxisONE Share and U Mobile Hero Plus respectively.

Both supplementary lines are also unique in the fact that they both allow supplementary lines to enjoy free unlimited calls to all networks, a perk the MaxisONE and Hero postpaid plans offer. But which supplementary line offers better value for both the principal and supplementary lines?

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A Closer Look at the U Mobile POWER Prepaid Plan

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These days, most telcos offer prepaid plans with special promotions that are only valid for a certain period of time. True to its disruptive approach, U Mobile introduced the Power Prepaid Plan in the middle of last year – and so far has proven to be unmatched in delivering value for subscribers.

U Mobile’s POWER prepaid plan is the company’s latest offering for prepaid users. The SIM starter pack goes for a mere RM8.50 and it comes with a tonne of freebies that last forever. Yes, forever. Plus, it is the only prepaid plan in Malaysia that offers free high-speed Internet every month, also forever.

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Editor’s Note: 2016, Here We Go!

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editor's note

It’s odd – having been here over a year as Editor, I’ve not felt compelled to work on an Editor’s Note – let’s buck that trend this year, shall we?

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Lowyat.NET 2015 Community Choice Awards: Here Are The Winners!

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Lowyat.NET Community Choice Award 2015 - logo jpg

Over the past two and a half weeks, we asked our readers – yes, you! – to vote for the best products and stories of the year that has passed. We shared our opinions in the Editor’s Choice Awards posted this morning, but we’re sure you’d like to know what was your say.

This time around, we’ve received over 2.5 times the total votes from last year – a huge jump which further increases the authority and authenticity of the votes. Without further ado, here are the results!

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Lowyat.NET 2015 Editor’s Choice Awards: The Best Gadgets and Stories of the Year

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And just like that, another year has passed. Nothing much has changed in the world of tech…except for a lot of things. Samsung remembered how to make great smartphones again, while Apple boldly went where no smartphone colour has gone before. Outside of the mobile industry, there were some impressive showings from the previously slumbering Microsoft too (among others). Let’s take a look back at the year that’s been, and pick the highlights just as you have voted. We’ll be publishing the results of the Community Choice Awards tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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The Evolution of Nexus Smartphones Over the Years

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What was once a lineup designed for developmental purposes is now one of the most popular series of Android smartphones. Over the years, the Nexus series of smartphones has evolved in many, many ways. From simply being rehashes of existing devices, the new Nexus smartphones now have their own distinct designs and features, which differentiates them from other Android devices.

Of course, the main appeal of a Nexus device is its bloatware-free “stock” version of Android; how Google intends the OS to be like, essentially. To see just how far Nexus smartphones have come, we take a look back at Nexus devices launched over the years.

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Lowyat.NET 2015 Community Choice Awards is Now Open – Vote Now!

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Lowyat.NET Community Choice Award 2015 - logo jpg

As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look back at the year that has gone past. What were the highlights? Which gadgets left you hopelessly excited about getting it? Which stories drove your conversations for weeks?

As part of Malaysia’s largest online community, we want to hear from you. 

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Exclusive: Secretlab Aims To Bring Practical And Cost Effective Gaming Chairs To Malaysia

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Secretlab founders small

Gaming chairs are an entirely niche market, but one that has been relatively untapped. Until now, Malaysians have had little in the way of choices when looking to buy these premium pieces of furniture. Secretlab, a Singapore-based company, is looking to change all this and is preparing to test the waters in this country.

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iprice Aims to be the One-Stop Shopping Destination for e-Commerce Shoppers

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One of the best parts of shopping online isn’t just the convenience of never having to get out of the house to find what you want, but to be able to get some seriously good deals with just a few mouse clicks. On the other side, it also strips away the joy of window shopping, of casually searching for something you have in mind. iprice, the Malaysia-based shopping destination and also the region’s largest affiliate network, aims to bring back this experience of discovery in online shopping.

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This is What It’s Like Shooting With A RM12,000 Camera

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Working in an online environment means we have to be versatile enough to not only write well, but also be capable in various other skills: touch typing, simple coding, and have an eye for photography and photo editing. They say a picture says a thousand words, which means no matter how much we write, a powerful photo is more than half the job done.

Given my interest in smartphone photography, exploring the incredible prowess of the best smartphone cameras around, I was offered the opportunity to test out Sony’s flagship cameras: the A7R II, A7S II and the RX100 IV. Together with other, more established photo journalists, we embarked on an extended hands on experiential session.

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