Youtube Music Key

Details about the long rumoured Google music streaming service are slowly being  revealed as Android Police are reporting that it will be called the Youtube Music Key. It isn’t the most interesting of names, but it will bring some changes to how Google handles music; which includes the Google Play Music service. It will also provide more than just music, as the integration with Youtube will allow for the streaming of concerts and a few other features.

Aside from the standard issue music playback and offline tracks, Youtube Music Key will apparently also over concert footage, remixes and covers. Essentially everything you would find on Youtube, except that it will all be hidden behind a paywall.


Google will apparently be offering a 30-day trial for the service, after which users will have to pay US$9.99 a month to continue accessing content. However, this subscription also includes access to the premium content on Google Play Music; which is being rebranded as Google Play Key Music. The Wall Street Journal has indicated that it is likely that those who already have a subscription to Play Music All Access will automatically be upgraded to a Youtube Music Key subscription, although this is as of yet still unconfirmed.

The company has not had the easiest of time getting the music service going, as indie labels have protested against a perceived unfairness in the contracts. Reports spun out that these labels may end up with their content blocked from Youtube, although no news has been heard about the dispute as of late.

[Source: Android Police]

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