In the world where phones are gradually melding into 1 master design with small brand-centric iterations and where there is not much change to design according to the old “don’t fix what ain’t broke” adage, BlackBerry have done a very brave thing with their upcoming BlackBerry Passport or as it was earlier codenamed “Windemere”. The Passport stays true to the prototype we saw earlier and still sports the very curious design that had us questioning the legitimacy of the prototype.

The Passport sports a 4.5inch SQUARE display with a resolution of 1440×1440, a regular BlackBerry QWERTY with a scaled down spacebar in the bottom row and a stretched out footprint. With a very “end to end” design as well as the extremely blocky nature of the device it certainly is a departure from the regular phablets we see but we are not too sure how receptive the world would be to a block phablet, especially when its wider than the already huge Galaxy Note 3.

The BlackBerry passport is due in September and nothing else is known for now. What do you think? Is pushing this boundary a way for BlackBerry to gain traction in the devices market?


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