Sony SmartBand RM399

It looks like Sony’s SmartBand wearable accessory has finally landed in Malaysia, the SmartBand SWR10 is now listed on Sony Mobile Malaysia’s website with a retail price of RM399. Unlike many other wearables, the SmartBand is not just one that keeps track of your fitness and alerts you when you receive a message or a call on your phone, it is a “life-logging accessory” that can keep track of practically every single thing you do.

Unveiled in CES 2014, the SmartBand, coupled with the Lifelog Android app from Sony, can keep track of all your activities, like your movements, the things you shared, pictures you took, as well as your entertainment activities. You can then view back on all these activities on a timeline, and find out when you were most active, the pictures you took throughout the day (when and where you took them), and then watch your lifestyle get played back to you in a fun, colorful and animated interface.

The SmartBand consists of a removable Core, the smallest product Sony has ever made. The Core can connect to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC, and relies on the Lifelog to track your activities. The SmartBand is available in black but if you wish to have more colors in your life, you can purchase additional bands in the future, available in an array of attractive colors.

Visit the product page now to find out more.

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