The Yahoo logo is shown at the company's headquarters in Sunnyvale

You know how convenient it is to be able to use your Facebook or Google account to sign into new services, saving you the hassle of having to crete a new account and a new password that you tend to forget? Well, it looks like Yahoo might be removing such integration in the near future, reports Reuters.


According to Reuters, Yahoo will start removing the ability for you to use your Facebook or Google account to access Yahoo services, an option that has been around for years. The changes will be first rolled out to Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em, a service focused on the NCAA college basketball tournament which will start later this month, and will be slowly rolled out to the rest of Yahoo’s products including Flickr and tumblr.


No specific timeline has been given, but when the changes finally gets rolled out, it means users will need to use their Yahoo account to sign into all of Yahoo products. According to Yahoo, it will allow the company to “offer the best personalized experience to everyone”. For those who have been relying on Facebook or Google to access your Yahoo, it’s time to figure out your password once again.


(Source: TheVerge, Reuters)


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