Nokia X On Nokia Malaysia's Official Website

Earlier today, Nokia has officially unveiled the brand new Android-based Nokia X family of smartphones. Available in three variants, Nokia X will be the first model to be released into the market while Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will be released next quarter.

So, how about Malaysia then? Well, apparently Malaysia will receive all three Nokia X variants and as what you can from the image above, we believed that Nokia X might be released in our market very soon.

This is due to the fact that all three models have appeared on Nokia Malaysia’s website right after the official launch announcement was made at Barcelona, complete with a “coming soon” label. As per our previous experiences, Nokia Malaysia will not list any random Nokia devices on its official website unless that they are made available for our market.

With that, the next question would be how soon will we see these devices in Malaysia then? Well, we have no official information on that at this moment but from all the hints and signs that we’ve heard and seen so far, the release date shouldn’t be far off.

So, stay tuned.

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