Are you currently spending your Sunday (or your entire week/month, for that matter) with Flappy Bird? Well, enjoy the game while it still lasts as the game will no longer be available for consumers very soon.

This is due to the fact that the developer – Dong Nguyen of .GEARS Studios – will be pulling it out from the marketplace, according to his posts on Twitter around 9 hours ago. The reason is rather unclear but apparently “he can’t take it anymore” according to this particular tweet:

140209nguyenfbtwitThat being said, Nguyen has pointed out that he will continue to develop new games but at the same time he has no intention to sell off Flappy Bird. Not to forget, he also stated that the pull was not a result from any legal action.

Prior to this, there were already some tweets that indicated he was not happy of all those attentions that the game has caused. Still, it is indeed bizarre to see the Vietnamese developer ultimately decided to pull out the game from the market especially considering the fact he earned an average of USD 50,000 (RM 166,525) per day from in-app ads.

Well, guess we all have to respect Nguyen’s decision. If you somehow have not yet taste the addictiveness (and suffering, to some) of Flappy Bird, do download the game for your Android and iOS devices right now while it is still there: Google Play, Apple App Store.

[Source: Dong Nguyen @ Twitter]

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