Nokia Normandy / A110

In our recent recap of Nokia Normandy rumours, we have pointed out that the device was recently listed on Indonesian’s authority’s database. As it turns out, the same device is going through certification process in Malaysia as well.

This is due to the fact the device – also known as Nokia X – has been listed on SIRIM’s database recently, with its RM-980 model name. The listing has also confirmed that the smartphone will come with dual-SIM capability and no LTE connectivity.

Nokia Normandy RM-980 On SIRIM Database

If this is indeed the Android-based Nokia Normandy, it is quite possible that Malaysia is one of the device’s initial launch market. Then again, all we can now is speculate until the official announcement is made by Nokia which is expected to take place at its upcoming press conference at Mobile World Congress 2014 later this month.

[UPDATE] Apparently, Nokia Malaysia was not the only one that registered the device with SIRIM. When we repeat the search once again using the RM-980 model number as the search term, it turns out the the device was also registered under Avaxx and Zitron (screenshot is available after the jump) which are the main distributors of Nokia devices in our market. Well, guess we will indeed see the new Nokia Normandy (if the RM-980 is really its actual model number) in stores very soon. 

[Source: SIRIM]

Nokia Normandy RM-980 On SIRIM Database

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