Close to a year ago, EA has announced that the famed Dreamworks Studios has picked up one of their most well-known game series – Need For Speed – to be turned into a live-action movie. While the movie will only hit cinemas sometime in 2014, it has made an appearance at E3 2013 through a brief behind-the-scene clip below:

Obviously, there is nothing much to be seen that can be taken as an indicator on how good (or bad) this live-action Need For Speed movie will be even though Scott Waugh (the movie’s director, know for his work in Act of Valor) promised that it will be truly authentic to the real car racing culture. Nevertheless, just look at those fast exotic cars which we bet many of them will be thrashed for the movie…

In another related news, Dreamworks have partnered with Ford through an extensive deal which includes a custom one-off Ford Mustang (shown below) that is used in the movie as the hero car. Apart from the car which actually appeared on stage during EA’s E3 press conference, Ford have also supplied the movie with a Ford F-450 truck in addition with a specially designed camera car that comes in the form of another Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang for Need For Speed Feature Movie

Not to forget, Ford will also be on hand to help promote the movie extensively once it is released to cinemas on 14 March 2014. Well, let’s see how the final product will looked like next year.

[Source: Need For Speed @ YouTube. Image: Ford]

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