At WWDC 2013, amongst other things, Apple showed off their next iteration of the iOS mobile OS, iOS 7. There has been a whole lot of discussion on the topic both for and against it. At Lowyat.NET HQ, we are pretty excited about the complete overhaul of an OS that has been ageing quite ungraciously. We decided it would be cool to put iOS 7 on our devices and give it a go for ourselves while recording a video for you.

In the video we go through most of the features of the new OS and give a sort of Hands On with the developers copy of the OS.

Now a disclaimer, the copy of iOS 7 we have is a beta version and is definitely not stable. The experience is definitely not representative of what it should be in the end.

If you have any questions about iOS 7 and want us to test something out for you, go ahead and Tweet us @LowyatNET or leave a comment in the post or on Facebook and we’ll do another video once we get enough responses!

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