iOS 7

Sure, iOS 7 looks awesome, it has a very beautiful new design plus a whole load of new features that you’ve been wishing for but as always, not all your current iOS devices will be able to enjoy the entire update. As expected, the iPhone 4 (the oldest device that supports iOS 7), will receive the least features and as for the iPad, it looks like iPad 2 will only get one update that is pretty irrelevant to us – iTunes Radio.

Below is the full list of who will be getting what, we’ve gotten our hands on a beta version and it’s completely understandable why Camera Filters can not be applied on older devices; it simply takes up too much processing power.

iOS 7 Features for Selected Devices

Of course, the rest of the changes will be applicable for everything listed like a new design, the new Notification and Control Center, Typography design, transparent background and such.

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(Source: GSMArena)