We knew that there’d be a sequel to 2009’s sleeper hit “Plants vs Zombies” – PopCap Games revealed that much to the public last month. What they didn’t tell anyone, however, was a second PvZ game – one that, based on the reveal trailer shown at E3 2013, certainly looks like a lot of fun.

“No one really knows this game was coming,” as one developer puts it in PopCap’s developer diary video for “Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare”, the secret project PopCap had been working on. “PvZ: Garden Warfare” pokes fun at the super serious FPS genre both in the title as well as in the E3 reveal trailer in the same vein as its PvZ 2 reveal trailer last month – tongue in cheek humour that certainly looks like it will be mirrored in the gameplay in “Garden Warfare”. Don’t be fooled, though: “Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare” is powered by DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine – the same game engine powering EA’s Battlefield 4!


“Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare” completely changes the PvZ game, switching to a third-person shooter instead of the 2D tower defence game from 2009. Players choose from four “plant classes” with varying abilities as they battle against waves of zombies in over 10 “battlegrounds” with the same backyard feel from 2009’s classic. At E3, PopCap also announced a new four-player co-op and 24-player multiplayer mode, as well as availability of the game for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 – so far, there’s no word on availability for the PS4.

For more info about what will surely be one of the most fun games to be released this year, check out the official website here and keep track of the developer diary videos.

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