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Over the years the one piece of hardware that Apple was resilient to overhaul was the pro level Mac Pro and who could blame them; The design of the Mac Pro was iconic and beautiful as all heck, a nod to the Powerbook era of yesteryear. It looks like things are changing and at WWDC this morning, Apple revealed a radically redesigned Mac Pro that rendered me speechless. Gone is the aluminium cheese grater style and in with a very futuristic, cylindrical design. At first, the Mac Pro looked like “Darth Vader’s Dustbin” and while radical it didn’t look too practical, that is until it was compared with the existing Mac Pro for scale. The new Mac Pro is about 1/8th the size of the old Mac Pro and packs way more in a form factor we have never seen before. Like with the G4 Cube and the Mac Mini, Apple has squeezed a whole lot into a small (or unconventional) space.


At the centre of the Mac Pro is a 12-Core 256bit Intel Xeon E5 processor that is coupled with 1,866MHz DDR3 RAM (Up to 60GB Worth) capable of 60GB/s data transfer speed. In such a form factor you can’t just have any storage and with the new Mac Pro comes a buttload of PCIe SSD Storage options that are lightning fast! Speaking of lightning fast, the new Mac Pro also features 6 of the new Thunderbolt 2 ports as well as 4 USB3.0 ports if you are thatway inclined. The new Thunderbolt 2 ports will have speeds of 20Gbps and handle up to 6 devices daisy chained. For graphics power the Mac Pro will ship with dual AMD FirePro GPU and will definitely support 4K displays. Rounding up the features are 1 HDMI Port, 802.11ac WIFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and an interesting sensor that illuminates the I/O ports when rotated so you can see in the darkness under your desk.

Unfortunately, there has been no concrete details on the new Mac Pro as it is just a sneak peak. Apple has hinted at a Q3 release this year and no prices have been announced; Safe to say that like it’s predecessor, will be VERY expensive. 

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