One of the things that caught our eye while walking around the Nangang Exhibition Centre is the interestingly named Gajah International. Based in Singapore, Gajah has come out with several eBook readers and is no stranger to the eInk technology. While the concept is not a new one, the Gajah InkCase is the first e-Ink case that I have been able to see in the flesh. Having bagged a crap ton of awards on the design and innovation front, Gajah is no small fry in this race.


The InkCase (Displayed for iPhone and Galaxy Note II only) is a case that attaches to the rear of your device and essentially gives it a second screen. The only thing however is that there is no direct connection between the case and the phone, rather it is a wireless one via bluetooth. Also what you can do with the case is pretty much just dependant on the apps available. For now, you can send pictures from your phone to the case, send an ebook, read your tweets and facebook messages and in the more interesting application, there is InkCase now, a form of Google Now that sends information to your phone depending on your location. One of the other drawbacks is that since it is an eInk screen, it’s not touch sensitive, rendering it slightly harder to use.

I must say it’s quite a good idea and while the implementation is not quite there, it’s on its way.

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