E Ink Smartwatch

In case you haven’t noticed, wearable computing is the next big thing in the tech industry. E ink recently announced its Mobius Flexible Display, a 1,73” touch-enabled panel for smartwatches, and it looks like the company, together with Sonostar, is showing off a brand new smartwatch at the on-going Taiwan Computex. The device, simply called the Smartwatch, features a 320 x 240 grayscale panel within a wearable body that fits around your wrist.

They are only prototypes for now, the one showcased at the event were non-functional but one did display Facebook notifications while the other had a black and white image of a dog along with battery and Bluetooth indicators on the top, showing off some capabilities of the watch.

The device is scheduled to be shipped later this year, and should be compatible with Android and iOS devices.

(Source: Engadget)