With the rise of the new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre in PC gaming, as well the growing interest in MOBA titles from the eSports community, Asiasoft has announced its first ever MOBA title, Chaos Online. Launched earlier this week in Bangkok, Chaos Online will be the first Asiasoft title to be available simultaneously in seven countries in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar).

The free-to-play Chaos Online officially went live on 29th May 2013, and Asiasoft are pushing hard for the eSports community to embrace its new title, offering a monthly US$10,000 monthly prize pool in its SEA online championship beginning in July.

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Chaos Online, interestingly, is developed by Neoact, the same South Korean developer who created the Chaos map in Blizzard’s Warcraft III – sparking the MOBA trend. In Chaos Online, two factions in the Ramian Kingdom are in conflict. The two factions, the Divine Union and Immortal Legion, are fighting for dominance in a world infected by an unknown epidemic that threatens to very existence of all creatures in the kingdom.

chaos-online-7Neoact, the developers of the new Chaos Online MOBA


What sets Chaos Online apart from other MOBAs today is the sheer number of unique heroes that players can choose from. Eighty, in fact. Those with distinctive playing styles will also be glad to know that there is a hero that is tailored for them, with classes such as Carry, Disabler, Initiator, Nuker, Pusher, Support and Tank.


In addition, Chaos Online adds two new innovative features in the game, where players can purchase items at any time and anywhere – even in combat. Also, all heroes can destroy parts of the environment to create new routes to make combat less linear and more exciting. And, players can now also craft their own items for even more unique battle experiences.

The developers have also added new features in game modes for Chaos Online, with the addition of Death Match Mode, Ranking Mode as well as a Quest System as opposed to the original team-based combat. Also, the game also adds a Leaver Protection as well as a No Hack Map feature to ease any concerns during gameplay.


It also appears that Chaos Online will not be the only high-profile title that will be released this year regionally: Asiasoft Chairman Sherman Tan has confirmed that “Chaos Online will be the first in a line-up of AAA titles that will be published by this year simultaneously in multiple countries in multiple languages”.

In conjunction with the launch, Asiasoft arranged a series of community activities as well as tournaments. As stated earlier, Asiasoft will be organising a SEA Online Championship for Chaos Online beginning in July, offering a lucrative monthly prize pool of $10,000, and players are highly encouraged to practice ahead of the tournament.


chaos-online-5A local all-female eSports team trying out the new “Chaos Online” MOBA

The Chaos Online game client can be downloaded from, where users can also find out more information about the game and future tournaments. Players can also join the discussion from the community via the official Chaos Online Facebook page here.

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