Leica is arguably the most famous name in the rangefinder world, the M mount cameras ruling the roost as best in class optics and experience. Recently, Leica has teased that the would be adding a new member to the family, a Mini M of sorts. On their facebook page, they have posted a teaser image that on the 11th of June, they will be expecting a Mini M to slot in-between the existing M family and the X2. This Mini M will be targeted at professional users making me think that it will be there to rival the incredible Sony RX1. Seeing as how it is positioned below the current M series, I would say that the price would reflect that as well. No images have been released for this Mini M, but not long to go until the 11th either. What do you think? Can Leica come up with anything to beat the RX1?

(Source: Photography Blog)

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