Olympus has been one of the original names in the Micro 4/3s game and has never failed to deliver with their PEN series of cameras. Modelled after the film cameras of the same name, the latest in the line, the E-P5 adds a little more to an already stellar offering. Coming in at 16MP, the E-P5 will have the same design as the previous 3 iterations with intuitive changes to the design while still retaining the overall aesthetic. One of the cool features is that the E-P5 actually goes up to a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000s allowing you to shoot wide open on larger aperture lenses in daylight for you bokeh fiends or to freeze motion. On top of that, the E-P5 comes with one heck of a 5 axis stabilizer from the OM-D, allowing you to negate most handshake associated with shooting at a slower shutter speed in dim light.

Hit the jump for more info, pictures and even a sexy video from the media preview.



Along with this, the E-P5 will also feature a elegant WiFi tether feature that allows you to shoot and view what the camera sees from your phone or tablet. This functionality also allows for uploading to the cloud as well as downloading GPS data. The E-P5 shoots at 9fps and has built in interval and time lapse features. If you’re one to use manual focus lenses on the E-P5 (M mount adapter anyone?), the E-P5 has an easy to use focus peaking feature which allows you to see what is in focus.





The E-P5 is available for Pre-Orders now both online and at your favourite Olympus dealer. The E-P5 comes in Black, White and Silver and will have a host of lenses and accessories available including the new and improved VF4 EVF. The Black and Silver E-P5 will be available body only for RM3,499 and with the 17mm f/1.8 lens as a bundle for RM4,499. The white E-P5 will be available with the lens bundle only. Other lenses that are slated for release are the 45/1.8 as well as the 75/1.8 primes.

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