Acer Aspire P3

Just moments ago, Acer has revealed several new product in a media conference at New York including Iconia A1, Aspire R7 and Aspire P3 . Naturally, some of you might wonder how soon that these devices will be released in Malaysia.

Well, we believe that at least one of them is heading to our market very soon – specifically, the Acer Aspire P3 – thanks to an e-mail that was forwarded to us (the source refuse to reveal his/her identity) containing marketing pitch for the device. Among many things that are listed in it are the duration of the marketing campaign for device which has been scheduled to be between middle of May to early June as well as the main features of Acer Aspire P3 as shown below:


Somehow, there is no mention of Aspire R7 or Iconia A1 in the pitch which could either mean that they will be released separately or the agency have planned different marketing strategy for them altogether. Nevertheless, we will be keeping a close look (as usual) at these new machines Acer for their imminent arrival in Malaysia.

[Image and announcement source: Engadget]

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