FocusTwist App

When the Lytro camera was first introduced, we were pretty much blown away by the ability to refocus the image you’ve taken earlier. However, the device costs a whopping USD$399, approximately RM1,200; not something very affordable for an average person who wants a camera solely for the ability to shift the focus after the picture has been taken. FocusTwist is an iPhone app that lets you do pretty much the same, but for only USD$1.99.

How FocusTwist work is pretty simple, it takes several snapshots of your picture at different range, taking about 3-5 seconds to capture an image. Once done, you can touch the part of the image you wish to focus and FocusTwist will do the magic. Once you’ve selected what you want, you can save it to your album or share it out on various social networks.

Download it now on the iOS App Store or visit FocusTwist for more information.

(Source: Engadget)

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