Celcom Z10

It’s finally 8 April today, the day where you can purchase the BlackBerry Z10 from the rest of the local telcos and if you’ve been waiting for it, get it from Celcom from as low as RM1,188, DiGi from RM899 and U Mobile from RM1,268 when you sign up for a contract.

First up, on top of the usual Celcom First Prime/Premier/Elite bundling, Celcom is also offering the device with its mPro plans for an even larger subsidy on device price. The bundling are as follows:

Celcom Z10 Table

Celcom Z10 mPro Plans

Keeping true to its teaser, DiGi is offering the BlackBerry Z10 from as low as RM899 when you sign up for its largest bundle, the DG Smart Plan 148. As for the rest of the bundle, it looks like DiGi has stuck to its usual offer of subsidizing more on the monthly commitment fee rather than the device. DiGi is offering the Z10 for RM1,889 for Smart Plan 58/88 subscriptions but will provide RM10 and RM20 monthly rebates for the plans respectively.

DiGi Z10 Table

Finally, U Mobile has also joined in to the BlackBerry Z10 fun, offering the device from as low as RM1,268 but unfortunately, only with a U Premium bundling that is limited for the first 100 units only. As always, U Mobile only offers a 24-months contract option as shown below:

U Mobile Z10 Table

Now that all 4 telcos are offering the Z10 with postpaid plans, stay tuned for a price comparison. Visit Celcom, DiGi or U Mobile’s product page for more information.Celcom Z10 Plans DiGi Z10 U Mobile Z10

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