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Review: Samsung Galaxy Camera

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  1. wizview says:

    I must say this camera is just too bulky as a compact, while the lacklustre image quality & lousy battery will turn more off. Overall a forgettable 1st try.

    Sammy has to make it smaller & more portable with better imaging prowess to be a worthwhile gadget

  2. Sphires says:

    With asking price of near RM2000, there’s much better Point & Shoot camera out there. It’s tough to compete at that price, considering Canon S110 can do way better at image department, just without the fancy instant upload function.

  3. CleverMunkey says:

    lets see how polaroid gonna compete with this… still prefer a phone and a compact cam and not 2 in 1

  4. zork says:

    If only Canon is more creative than samsung, they would have beaten the crap out of Samsung.

  5. kinkikids says:

    Well i am not a fan for this. With that price that i would prefer getting a NEX F3 or C3 which cost lesser than this but equipped with a APS-C sensor. Of course this is apple to orange but such price tag with small sensor turn me off immediately. Anyway i think it still a hot cakes among female shooter which favor the stylish and flexibility of this.

  6. Praks says:

    Wow, that was such a huge stuff, what got me here was the amazing connectivity features I read

    I guess i’m certainly looking forward to buying it..

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