Sony Malaysia PS3 For RM 79?

If you somehow didn’t notice, Sony Malaysia has an online store that enable for users to purchase their products directly from the comfort of their own home. We have just received a tip that the store is offering PlayStation 3 bundle from as low as RM 79. Yup, you read it right – the console plus a game for under RM 100.

However, we learned that the store doesn’t require immediate payment after placing an order. Instead, the store will only contact customers within the next few working days to complete the deal according to the confirmation screen as shown below.


Now, we have no idea whether this is a real deal or just a random SNAFU on their side (it happens) but nevertheless, we have ordered several for ourselves. At that price, who wouldn’t? Let’s see what is going to happen to the order in few days time.

UPDATE [629PM]: Well, it was fun while it lasted. Sony Malaysia has fixed the system apparently and the console’s pricing has been reverted to its standard price tag. Nevertheless, let’s see what going to happen to all the orders that managed to go through earlier. 

UPDATE [917PM]: Sony Malaysia has published a short statement on its Facebook page which stated that its online store in now under unscheduled maintenance which caused some products to have irregular pricing.  Both PS3 bundles that were shown above are now gone as well.

UPDATE [19/03 – 103PM]: Sony Malaysia has finally released an official statement for the issue above in an email to all the customer’s involved.

[Source: UJil at Lowyat.NET Forums’ Kopitiam. Thanks for the tip, Old Geezer!]

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