Dell XPS 18

Looks like Sony, Asus and Toshiba are not be the only manufacturers around that are offering All-In-One PC / tablet combo to the market. Over at the SXSW in Austin, Dell has just unveiled its own take on the form factor through the new Dell XPS 18.

As the name might has implied, the Dell XPS 18 is indeed equipped with an 18.4-inch full HD display and weights at less than 2.27 kg (5 pounds). Apart from spotting an Intel Core ULT processor and the option to equip it with a solid state drive, other information about the new Dell XPS 18 are still quite scarce for the time being.

Dell XPS 18

That being said, we believe that those information will be out soon enough as the product’s campaign page is already online here. Till then, let’s see how soon will Dell bring it over to Malaysia.

[Source: Techpsych and Dell via The Verge

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