Last weekend, Astro launched its new Astro On The Go Worldwide service, which went live on the day of the launch. Astro On The Go Worldwide, as the name implies, improves on the current On The Go service, which now allows it to be available for everyone – not just Astro subscribers – around the world to access Astro On The Go.

To find out more about the new service, and how it differs technically to the current On The Go service to Malaysians, we spoke to Brian Lenz, the Chief Innovation Officer of Astro, to give us a brief rundown of the new Astro On The Go Worldwide service. Lenz previously worked with British satellite giants Sky, and was responsible for several of Sky’s innovative products such as Sky Go, Sky Player as well as Sky’s 3D content. His wealth of experience has now bore fruit with Astro’s latest service with the introduction of Astro On The Go Worldwide.

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