Ever looked at Vertu‘s range of luxury phones and thought them to be a tad too…masculine? Gresso did, and forms the basis behind the company’s release of a limited edition luxury (smart?) phone designed exclusively for the fairer sex. Called the Cruiser Titanium White, Gresso has designed it for you ladies (or similarly deep-pocketed men seeking to wine and dine the ladies) who enjoy living a high standard of life. Perhaps due to the nature of the target buyers, the specs of this luxury phone are…modest, to say the least. Like the name implies, the body is made from a single piece of pure, natural titanium, and the front and back of the device is covered by tempered glass.

Relentlessly pursuing perfection, the Cruiser Titanium White’s stainless steel buttons are polished ornately by a single craftsman. Inside, there is only 30MB of storage, which is expandable via microSD cards of up to 2GB. The candybar phone also sports a 2-inch TFT 320 x 240 screen above the keyboard. Unfortunately, just like the other luxury devices (besides the new Vertu Ti), it runs on Symbian S40 and only supports GSM networks.

Laugh all you want, but as Vertu has shown, there is a viable market for such devices. Gresso will only be producing 99 units of the $3000 phone, and each unit will have its production number lavishly engraved on the side of the case. Head on to Gresso’s product page to find out more.

(Source: CNET)

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