S 4 Screenshot LeakAnother day, another set of leaked information related to the Samsung Galaxy S IV which is set to be launched next week. Freshly leaked is a batch of sreenshots leaked from Irael. The images revealed some specs, confirming several specs that we’ve been reading about the past few months, including a 13MP camera, 5” Full HD display, 2GB of RAM and no, no octo-core processor, the screenshots revealed a 1.8GHz quad-core processor on board.

On another batch of leaked screenshots captured earlier, it also unveiled that the S IV will come with several new features including the Smart Scroll we talked about yesterday, Smart Rotation and Smart Pause. Smart Scroll will track where you’re looking at on the screen and scroll if you’re looking at the bottom of the display. From the screenshots, it looks like the feature will work on a few apps including Chrome, Gmail and the Email client.

The next two features also relies heavily on eye-tracking technology – Smart Rotation will only rotate the screen depending on your angle of sight, while Smart Pause will automatically pause a movie when it detects that you are not looking at the screen.

There are claims that the batch of screenshots that were leaked earlier were actually taken on a Samsung Galaxy S III running on a leaked Android 4.2 build but since it is highly likely that the S IV will come shipped with Android 4.2 on board, these features are definitely something you can look forward to.

Only one more week to go but if you’re too impatient to wait or the official news, hit the break to check out some of the leaked screenshots.

(Source: PhoneArena 1, PhoneArena 2)

S 4 Leak 1

S 4 Leak 2

S 4 Leak 3

S 4 Leak 4

S 4 Leak 5

S 4 Leak 6

S 4 Leak 2 1

S 4 Leak 2 4

S 4 Leak 2 2

S 4 Leak 2 3


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