Sony MiniDisc players…when the last time you’ve seen one? Well, if you somehow have one lying around, do keep it or donate it to an appropriate museum as such device will be soon out of production…forever.

According to reports from Japan, the final Sony MiniDisc stereo system will be shipped out next month – following the footstep of MiniDisc Walkman portable players which went out of production in 2011. That being said, the company will continue to offer MiniDisc cartridges for the next few years as well as after-sales services and repairs for MiniDisc players.

The rapid decline in blank CD-R pricing and the subsequent emergence of MP3 players have been touted as the major reasons behind the demise of MiniDisc. In addition to that, MiniDisc didn’t actually managed to make a huge impact on the global market despite being very popular in Japan.

Well…sayonara MiniDisc, it was nice knowing you.

[Source: Nikkei. Image: Sony Insider and Rae Allen’s Flickr (used under Creative Commons license)]

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