Just what Sony will be unveiling come the 20th of February is anyone’s guess, but the Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the matter are quite confident that it will be Sony’s next generation Playstation console, an update 6 years in the making.

The US Playstation site has a teaser page up for the 20th February event that includes the above teaser video as well as a registration of interest sign up form. Both Sony and Microsoft have been widely tipped to launch their gaming consoles sometime this year. Sony seems to have taken the first shot, and we expect Microsoft’s console division to follow suit in the coming months.

What is known about the Playstation 4 at the moment is that it will be powered by an AMD processor with at least 8 cores, 4GB or more of RAM as well as a 256GB internal storage device. While there were initial rumors that Sony would do away with the optical drive, it would seem that a Blu-ray drive would still be part of the new Playstation. Hardware specifications aside, there are also leaks citing that the new console will come loaded with a whole lot of social networking features. A new multiplayer service is also expected to be launched.

The 20th of February it is then.

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