Sultan of Johor and His Supercharged Proton Satria Neo R3 | Lowyat.NET

Sultan of Johor and His New Proton Satria Neo, Powered By The Upcoming R3 Supercharger Kit

Sultan of Johor Customized Supercharged Proton Satria Neo R3
Comments (8)
  1. dextrouzst says:

    which one is better? cps supercharged or cfe?

  2. Joshua says:

    Ain’t this WWW1 satria neo?

  3. felixthewhatever says:

    You think he will drive this sh!t rather than his Bugatti Veyron?

    1. joe says:

      well, if u happen to live at pontian, jhr for the past one year like me, u’ll see him drove the WWW1 satneo at least 4 times especially during the last year’s buka puasa.

      1. LOL says:

        LOL..of cause it’s just for show.. to especially the kampung ppl la..

  4. felix says:

    Think the rakyat is so foolish?

  5. felix the SFM says:

    so whats the matter with rakyat and the post? stupid politic

  6. boy says:

    u all are so pathetic. sultan johor had nothing to do with politics. he’s a king, he can just came right through Malaysian JPJ and uses he’s power to demand that WWW1 for free, but instead he bid like everyone else. that’s mean he want to donate the money to JPJ, on his own way. And by the way he can just put that plate number at his lamborghini or may be his other V8 cars but then chooses MALAYSIAN product and proud of it. Next time use your brain instead of knee..

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