SteelSeries has announced two new backlit gaming keyboards here at CES 2013, called the Apex and the lower-specced-but-cooler-sounding Apex [RAW]. The Apex [RAW] gaming keyboard is fitted with a lower number of programmable macro keys than the higher-end version, but has only white backlighting. The standard Apex keyboard has  more macro keys, as well as the “ActiveZones” feature, which allows for the keyboard to be backlit by different colours in different sections. It also has two USB ports, and an option to record keystroke stats – though that might be rather dangerous.

Both keyboards feature an extra large space bar as well as diagonal arrow keys, in addition to the SteelSeries Engine software to manage profiles on macros and lighting. Both the Apex and Apex [RAW] will hit shelves in Q2 this year for $100 and $70 respectively.

(Source: Engadget)

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