YouTube has always been a place that lets you waste incredible amounts of time by watching pointless videos of cats being cute, people getting kicked in the nuts or cats being cute while kicking people in the nuts. Occasionally YouTube does result in some snippets of comedy gold, a horse dancing Korean and even some incredible and inspirational live streams for events all around the world.

So at Lowyat.NET, we are big purveyors of YouTube videos and for the year of 2012, here are the videos that made it to the favourites section of our web browsers!

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Lucas – Ain’t nobody got time for that, Autotune remix!

So Sweet Brown was just minding her own business, getting herself a cold pop, when she smelled what she thought was a barbecue but in actual fact was the apartment complex catching fire. In between catching bronchitis and running barefoot from the scene of the fire, someone actually managed to stich together an amazing autotune remix of her and safe to say, this song always cheers me up! Sweet Brown is 2012’s Antoine Dodson! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Pang – My Generasi by JinnyboyTV

The video that propelled local boys Jin Lim and Reuben Kang into YouTube celebrities. Having previously made short sketches such as “Ah Wing – Malaysia’s Number 1 Salesman” and “ABUDEN?!”, the channel got its big break with “My Generasi” which went viral on Facebook, garnering over a million hits in four days and propelling JinnyboyTV into the big time.

It’s hardly surprising, either. The video touches on aspects of primary school life that is unique to Malaysians, especially for those born in the 80s – my generasi, so to speak. Easily relatable and funny in many moments, it wasn’t surprising that many Malaysians found the video endearing. Since then, JinnyboyTV has continued to outdo itself with plenty of other videos on its channel, which are mostly based on the duo’s signature brand of humour and highly relatable content that is 100% Malaysian.

Huei – Spider cat!

Boy this sure is a tough job, to pick one good video out of the many videos on the internet. Initially, I wanted to pick the “Worst movie death scene ever” but then again I was reminded to pick a Youtube video of 2012 and I don’t think a man screaming for 3 minutes quite qualify so here you go, a spider cat walking down the fridge like a boss.
I must say, this is a smart kitty indeed, why waste one of your nine lives by risking a jump so high, when you can simply walk down it? Cuteness overload, now join me in a song…
“Spider cat, spider cat…”

Chapree – Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos freefall attempt

Rather than a single video, my choice of 2012 is actually a YouTube event – it was the Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos supersonic freefall attempt that took place last October. Broadcasted live over the popular video site, it was viewed by 8 million viewers – including yours truly – simultaneously from all over the world.

I was watching the webcast with my sisters at home when Felix stepped out of that capsule and made the leap from 39 km above the ground. As I mentioned in our recap of the jump, it was really sight to behold. I might have screamed a little bit at that moment, too.

It was definitely one of the most awesome YouTube moments that I’ve ever seen so far which is why I chose Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos supersonic freefall attempt as my YouTube video/event of the year.

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