[Update] Thanks for pointing out the errors! The tables have been fixed with new values, particularly on DiGi’s i88 plans which have been calculated wrongly. I’ve also added in the individual plans for each of the telcos, hit the break to see them all.

Now that all three major telcos in Malaysia have unveiled their iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C bundle, have you decided which you should pick yet? Coverage is without a doubt the most important factor when picking the right telco to follow but if Maxis, Celcom and DiGi have got you covered in the places you frequent the most, and you can’t seem to figure out which one you should pick, let our price comparison help you out.

iPhone 5S 5C Comparison ALLClick on the image for larger version

This is a compilation of all the plans offered by all three telcos, we’ve broken the comparison down into monthly commitment so whether you have less than RM100 to spare, or if you are a super heavy user and require a lot of voice calls and SMS a month, check out the comparisons after the break.

[Update 1/11/2013] Before we compare the price, here is an explanation of how I calculated the values. The Total Cost of Ownership is calculated on the total amount of monthly commitment you pay at the end of contract plus the phone price, excluding tax. Celcom’s plan comes with extra rebates which will be credited back to you for the first 10 months – the full Celcom’s calculation are as shown below together with DiGi and Maxis as well.

Monthly Commitment of RM100 and below

iPhone 5S 5C Comparison Below 100Click on image for larger version

Monthly Commitment from RM101 to RM161

iPhone 5S 5C Comparison 101 to 161Click on image for larger version

Monthly Commitment of RM160 and above

iPhone 5S 5C Comparison RM160 and aboveClick on image for larger version

Now that you’ve seen them all, which one will you pick and why? Or if you’ve already gotten one, did you purchase it off our local telcos or did you buy it outright from an Apple Reseller?


Celcom’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C bundles comes with extra rebates as shown below:

iPhone 5S 5C Celcom FULL

The total cost of ownership above is calculated after deducting the extra rebates as shown below:

iPhone 5S 5C Celcom RebatesVisit Celcom for more information about its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C bundles.


I guess Maxis’ plans are pretty straightforward. This year round, the telco has removed its most expensive iValue 4 bundle and stuck with the new iValue Simple that was introduced last year.

iPhone 5S 5C Maxis FULLMaxis’ iPhone plans comes with extra freebies from the telco like free storage space on Maxis Loker, free local calls, and more. Visit Maxis for more information on their iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C plans.


First up, sorry for the big mistake on the iDiGi 88 plans, I’ve fixed the values for all the tables.

iPhone 5S 5C DiGi FULLVisit DiGi for more information on their iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C plans.

Again, sorry for the mistakes I made yesterday, do let us know if you spot anymore!

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