BBM for iPhone

Last night, BlackBerry published the BlackBerry Messenger app for iPhone and supposedly for Android as well but earlier today, the company announced that they have paused the roll out on both platforms.

The company stated that unofficial version of BBM for Android that was leaked earlier this week as the reason behind the halt. Apparently, the leaked app have resulted in more than 1.1 milion active users even though the official version is not even live. With that, it is not a surprise that the app has been causing issues to BBM team.

The unofficial app will be disabled by the company soon enough before they start the roll out of BBM for Android and resume the release of BBM for iPhone. However, BBM service on BlackBerry devices are not affected by this halt and iPhone users that already downloaded BBM app are still able to use it.

Looks like the release of BBM for Android and iPhone was not affected by the shocking news of BlackBerry’s financial state yesterday. I do wonder how long BlackBerry will able to sustain the enthusiastic response though with the thought of tough competitions from other cross-platform instant messaging clients out there.

[Source: BlackBerry]

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