Battlefield 4

Battlefield is one of those games that looks great and demonstrates just how expensive your gaming rig is. The next edition will apparently include all the technology that the Xbox has access to. Patrick Bach, executive producer of Battlefield 4, revealed to Xbox Wire that the combat simulator will include integration with the Microsoft SmartGlass for players to gain a tactical view of the map.

DICE, the developer of the game, is also looking into utilising the Kinect to control leaning and peeking around corners. The possibility of voice commands also exists. Whether or not these features will end up helping in the heat of battle is another matter. Although people who tend to lean around and get excited while playing consoles might get the most benefit out of it.

Fans of the “Commander Mode” from Battlefield 2 will also be pleased, as the game mode will be making a return. The option to play as the commander from a tablet over the internet will give players another method to player the game. Even if they aren’t around an Xbox. This game might be on to something here. The question is whether these features will make their way over to the PC version of the game.

[Source: Xbox Wire]

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