DiGi's Registration Of Interest Page for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Not even a week after it was officially revealed in IFA 2013 at Berlin, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 aura has begun to be felt in Malaysia – thanks to DiGi‘s latest announcement that took place less than an hour ago. The announcement has stated that the company have opened up the Registration of Interest (RoI) page for the device and interested users are able to submit their details on the site right away.

As of now, DiGi is the first and the only telco so far that have opened a RoI page for the device. It is yet to be seen if other telcos will follow suit very soon with their own RoI announcements or if DiGi actually received the exclusive rights for Galaxy Note 3 in Malaysia from Samsung.

Meanwhile, DiGi also didn’t announce any actual release date or pricing information for the device at their RoI page although we do know that it will be released in Malaysia on 25 September. To learn more about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, hit on these link to all the details: [Official Announcement] | [Hands-On @ IFA 2013] | [Demo @ Lowyat.TV].

[Source: DiGi]

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