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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Orange eSports Announces The Departure Of Mushi To China

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  1. Saphiraz says:

    Question left, who will replace M-God.. sad if he go to China, there will be no good player from SEA.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      I’d like to say IceIceIce, but I’ve heard rumours he is going to China too =(

    2. Liew says:

      who knows maybe they’ll try and bring kecik imba back to dota 2 scene? he’s a talented young player. So his future is kinda bright.

    3. farrellykw says:

      yamateh leave zenith already so yeah probably he will replace m-god . and also there is chuan

  2. Nick Tee says:

    Please la, Mushi is not that good, stop praying like he’s god. If Mushi is replaced with IceIceIce, Orange can performed so much better.

    1. evil_kang says:

      WORST idea ever, iceiceice also rush for nothing. Player that just go and never look at his team. Dota 2 is a team game, not solo game.

  3. Somaorochi says:

    However, still many people think this is a rumour too.

  4. zalalqwqw says:

    dont be so selfish , take a positive look about this.

    EXPERIENCE! its k for the departure , benefit to all later.

  5. Pretoryan says:

    Somewhat sad to see this , as I really enjoy watching Orange , but all the best to Mushi , he is one of the great ones !

  6. Firin says:

    WTH MUSHI???

  7. gamma says:

    Yo Mushi wish him all the best :) would be awesome to travel abroad to pump up those skills, see him next TI!

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