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While its existence has been known since back in June, it was only moments ago that Celcom has finally launched their own take on online content distribution through a service they dubbed as ESCAPE. The new service is said to be deployed in full throttle starting from 1 September.

In its essence, Celcom ESCAPE is similar in nature to Astro On-The-Go, TM’s HyppTV Everywhere and Media Prima’s TonTon services. Working with contents creators and providers from local as well as international, Celcom ESCAPE allows users to catch live and on-demand contents on various devices through smartphones and tablets app as well as via web browsers on PCs.

Among nifty feature that is available on Celcom ESCAPE is the ability to pause a contents in one device and resume it in another device as customer’s preferences and purchases are stored online. As expected, one must be a valid Celcom postpaid or prepaid customer in order to use the new service.

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Contents on Celcom ESCAPE are available on individual rental basis or through 30-days all-access passes. The payment for the contents can be done through prepaid credit deduction, postpaid billing and credit cards.

For starters, Celcom First postpaid customers will be given RM 54 worth of access on ESCAPE for three months while prepaid customers on Xpax, U.O.X, S.O.X, and Celcom Frenz will also receive RM 6 access credit when they reload RM 10 into their account or RM 18 credit for a reload of RM 30. All they need to do to obtain those free credits is by sending “ESCAPE to 28882 via SMS before 31 December 2013.

To learn more about the new Celcom ESCAPE, head on to www.escnow.com. Meanwhile, hit on the Read More link below for a further glimpse on how the Celcom ESCAPE looks like as it was presented during the official launch just now.

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