Astro - TM Content Sharing Agreement

So, the news is finally out of the bag: Astro has agreed to supply selected contents to TM’s HyppTV thanks to what have been touted as a landmark collaboration between two of Malaysia’s most well-known corporations. As what we have reported earlier, part of the deal includes two Astro SuperSport HD channels which are available to HyppTV viewers starting from today onwards through HyppTV Sports Pack.

The deal also includes selected live English Premier League matches through these Astro Supersport HD channels. Additionally, selected NJOI contents are also involved in the agreement although the details regarding them are yet to be finalized by both companies.

According to this report by Star Biz as well as a confirmation by Astro’s CEO, Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, the duration of this agreement has been set to three years. Furthermore, the deal has also made TM as the new presenting sponsor for Malaysian Super League, Malaysia Premier League, FA Cup, and Malaysia Cup which are all aired through Astro Arena.

Unfortunately, the Astro Arena channel itself is not part of this deal according to Dato’ Rohana. TM’s Group CEO Tan Sri Dato’ Zamzamzairani Mohd Isa also pointed out that the Astro Supersport channels will not be available on the newly launched HyppTV Everywhere apps although they will still be shown on HyppTV for Streamyx 8Mbps and 4Mbps customers.

HyppTV Sports Pack - August 2013

Tan Sri Dato’ Zamzamzairani also stated that the monthly fee of HyppTV Sports Pack will continue to remain at RM 30 until this September which will then be increased to RM 50 per month for new subscribers. Not to forget, existing HyppTV Sports Pack subscribers will receive both Astro SuperSports HD and Astro SuperSports 2 HD automatically.

All in all, we have to say that it is a very interesting collaboration indeed and might be beneficial to many consumers out there. Nevertheless, we do wonder how the agreement will affect the number of subscribers for Astro and TM’s HyppTV as well as the impact on business and operations of both companies.

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