It’s Ramadan again and BlackBerry Malaysia wants to observe this special month with its users via a collection of apps for both BB10 and BBOS platform. Find prayer times, directions, words of wisdom and more with these free apps:

1. Quran 10


Read and listen to a recitation of the Qran in several languages including Bengali, English, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, as well as the original Arabic version.

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2. Salat10


Download Salat10 and find accurate prayer times using location detection. Never miss prayer time with notifications and calendar reminders. Available for Q10 and Z10


3. Islam: The Quran

Islam Quran

Read and listen to the Quran. Each verse is accompanied by its original version in Arabic, its translation and transcription so as to facilitate the reading for non-Arabic speakers. You can even listen to each Surah and each verse separately.

4. Kanz Al Quran – كنز القرآن – مجاني

Kanz Al Quran


This is a compact and easy to read version of the Quran that lets you add bookmarks, read in portrait or landscape orientation, zoom and read in night mode.

5. مواقيت الصلاة – Pray Time

Pray Time

Calculates prayer times and directions using the phone’s location and compass.

For BlackBerry OS

1. Islamic Prayer Times and Qibla Compass (FREE)


If you don’t wish to pay for an app, this is the free version of a very popular Ramadan app that offers inbuilt compass to find prayer directions and times using GPS.

The links of these apps are available in their respective titles so go ahead, click on them and install it on your compatible BlackBerry devices now and Selamat Puasa to all our Muslim readers!

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