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Remember when Samsung finally showed off its Evolution Kit for its 2012 line up of Smart TVs at CES early this year? If you’re using a Samsung 2012 Smart TV Series 7500 and above, it looks like you can upgrade your big screen now with a simple box. Samsung Malaysia recently announced the arrival of its hand-sized kit that delivers the latest Samsung TV technologies into your 2012 TV, instantly evolving it to the new Samsung 2013 Smart TV.

“We see that the TV you purchased a year ago is considered outdated now due to the rapidly changing technology and a huge change in hardware. With that thought in mind, the Evolution Kit was created to keep the value from declining after making a purchase, and preserve the TV’s worth by upgrading both hardware and software.” – Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

The Evolution Kit improves the Smart Interaction, allowing you to take control of your TV with both hand gestures, such as flip through the panels, zoom in and out of images, thumb up and rotate the picture. The Evolution Kit also updates the dual-core processor to a quad-core unit for a faster internal processing speed, allowing you to multitask using several apps while watching the TV.

No further information has been given regarding the Evolution Kit with regards to the pricing and availability but do stay tuned as we keep you updated.

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