MYNIC BerhadIt took them a while to respond back since we contacted them regarding the whole DNS poisoning incident that have affected several prominent .MY domain names but we have finally received a reply from MYNIC Berhad regarding the incident.

The reply includes a link to an official statement that have been published on MYNIC’s website which is as below:

We are regret to inform you that we have today discovered some problems with our system which had resulted in an unauthorised change in some of the domain name’s servers information without the permission of original registrant (owner of domain name). This may lead to website redirection as experienced in a few reported cases.

The problem was alerted in the morning and MYNIC Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) was immediately alerted to resolve the issue.

The affected domain names have been restored to their correct information at 4.38 pm today.

At the moment, we are undertaking all necessary measures to monitor the situation and prevent further related issues.

We regret any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your cooperation.

While there is still no statement from MCMC regarding the incident at the time being, we at least now know that our suspicion proved to be correct. Hence, we wonder what kind of specific measures that MYNIC have taken in order to prevent such incident from happening once again.