Yahoo Wish List

Last month, Yahoo! announced that they will be resetting and freeing up inactive usernames for anyone to grab. The day is finally here, the company just announced a wish list for you to fill up, giving you a chance to get the name you really want. Available via this link, all you need to do is fill up a maximum of 5 usernames you desire, in order of preference, and fill up your contact info. By 7 August, Yahoo will contact you and let you know which one you’ve successfully gotten, whereby you would have to activate it within 48 hours.

As for password recovery messages sent from other services to the “new” email addresses, Yahoo is working on a way around it by working with partners (e-commerce and social networking sites) on identifying that you are the new user of the Yahoo username, and not the previous one, which is available on this link.

What are you waiting for? Go fill out your wish list now.

(Source: Engadget, Yahoo)