4 - Nav (Beta)

Google has announced a new update to their Maps app that includes turn-by-turn navigation, something that has been sorely missed all this while.

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Combined with up-to-date traffic information and dynamic rerouting, one might be tempted to assume that this update comes from the recent acquisition of Waze. However, Google pointed out that they have been working on this update long before the buying of any GPS navigation companies happened during the press briefing.

6- for tablets

A new interface follows the update, and search results can appear as cards that provide additional information about the destination. Just in case you aren’t sure of what the location is supposed to look like. Google Earth has joined the fold is now part of the app. An interesting feature considering how quite things have been with the program.

Public transport integration has also been increased with routes capable of predicting how long it will take and how much it will cost. Provided that your taxi follows local transit authority guidelines and doesn’t decide to take the scenic route.

7 - 3D buildings

This is a substantial update to an app that has been falling behind in the race to provide satellite navigation to the public. Although it would be nice if we could have offline maps. Or is that asking for too much?

This update will be gradually rolling out to Android 4.0.3+ users over the next few weeks.