It’s always been a tradition that at WWDC we would get some sort of indication or preview of the next Mac OS X. Keeping with the theme of change and reinvention, Apple have ditched the Big Cat naming conventions and have brought it closer to home with the first of the “California” themed names, Mac OS X Mavericks (after a popular Californian surf spot). As per all OS X releases there will be a slew of minor updates as well as some very useful “Fixes” for lots that current users are unhappy about. Among the changes is a useful one in my eye, Tabbed finder experience. Personally I hate multiple Finder windows and this would be good. Along with this is support for tagging files as a better way to search and organize your Mac, not for me but useful in a sense.

Another key feature is the multi display improvements, letting the secondary display act as an independent desktop of sorts where MIssion Control is more useful and you can fullscreen applications without completely blacking out the other screen. Airplay support was also improved with Mavericks, letting you use a wireless display as another desktop too.

Notifications have also been improved, letting you interact with the app which sent the notification from the bar itself. Alerts can also be pushed from iOS apps to your desktop seamlessly.

On top of this there will also be various changes under the hood, improving the power consumption and performance of your machine, giving up to 72% less CPU load on programs.

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Will be available as digital download from the Mac App Store this fall